Runs on ServiceNow

Machine Learning Models framework

runs on servicenow

Deploy models in minutes

Build machine learning models with the most advanced tools you already have,
and then deploy and run them on ServiceNow platform

powered by zModel framework

Build models
Deploy and run models

New ways to use ServiceNow

First - you use your own machine learning tools and algorithms to build a model. Next - you use zModel framework to deploy the model into ServiceNow and make it available for your applications and processes.

zModel framework allows you to run your models on ServiceNow infrastructure and use them for any tasks and projects you need - ranging from simple IT classification tasks to tasks like credit risk assesments, fraud detection, medical evaluation etc.

Certified by ServiceNow

servicenow infrastructure you already have

Something Different, Something New

business applications

Once you have ServiceNow in your organization, you can use it as a powerful platform and run ML models for any business tasks and applications you need - you are not bound by IT operations only.


zModel framework provides complete REST API, so you don't even need to log in to ServiceNow in order to deploy and run a model.

Use any Machine Learning tool

Build a model

There are multiple machine learning tools, frameworks and algorithms for model building. You can use any of them to build a model and prepare it for deployment in ServiceNow.

Tensoflow, Caffe, R, Scikit-learn, Python

zmodel framework

Upload to ServiceNow

When model is built - upload it to ServiceNow via zModel framework.


Model can be uploaded via REST API

Manual model creation and CSV file upload supported

zmodel framework

Run the model

You can use models and score any input data. zModel framework provides complete data infrastracture for audit log and search, and stores all data related to a single score transaction.

Multipurpose, any business applications

Exclusive only at ServiceNow Store

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